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Oh, I thought there were pretty funny moments in this book....this book was meant to be funny, but for me it was a book of horror.Okay, Brian goes on a bunch of Internet dates (I think it was 100) for a duel purpose.He seemed so normal, but when I got back to his place I realized he was a legit pack rat.He had tools and screws and pieces of wood lying around everywhere. The next morning at 5 am, I woke up with a bright light shining in my face.Jane Austin went to an all-girls grammar school, followed by Christie College in Cheltenham, where she boarded and studied a one-year intensive secretarial course. read more Over the past ten years, online dating has exploded in popularity.

Not a Match: My True Tales of Online Dating Disasters is about one guy who experienced more than his fair share.Jane interviewed around 40 people about their online dating encounters.Notes were taken, names and locations were changed, and 50 short stories emerged, from 'The Terminator' to 'Was She A Hooker? Whether you read 'Sweet And Sour' or 'Algebra And Shakespeare', each of Jane’s stories is unique.And, by the looks of it, our boy Hercules (whose character actually remains nameless throughout the entire film) has been active for quite a while, as the sexy blond Julia sitting across him at the restaurant table during the opening sequences is supposed to become number "X" already.But this date won't go as easily as planned for Hercules, because Julia – together with her equally ravishing younger sister Jessica – is a serial killer herself, also targeting men that respond to dating ads placed by luscious blond chicks. Because all males are sexually perverted bastards like their daddy was, of course!

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Some are funny, whilst others are downright shocking – but don’t despair, there’s a sprinkling of happy endings.

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