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LOS ANGELES, June 25— On the last day of her life, Nicole Brown Simpson went to a dance recital for her 9-year-old daughter, Sydney, at the junior high school near her Brentwood home. "There was no seat for him," said one of his friends. He acted in movies and television shows and extended his sports career by becoming a network football commentator. He and Nicole Brown Simpson divorced in 1992 and after a period of trying to reconcile, had agreed in late May that they would part for good, a decision that meant, her sister Denise Brown said, that "she was going to start her life over." Anger on the Course The next morning, Sunday, June 12, Mr. Simpson's lawyer says his client was at home at the time of the killings. Simpson's evening, her family and friends have offered this account: After the dinner with her family celebrating her new independence, Mrs. Simpson had given her as a birthday present, a cherished possession and one well-known in the neighborhood. Simpson also arrived, joining Nicole, her parents and two of her sisters, members of a family that had formerly embraced him but now held him at arm's length. Her family said she was beaming over her progress in finally escaping the shadow of her famous former husband. He drove Rolls-Royces and Ferraris, lived in the expensive Brentwood neighborhood, belonged to the Riviera Country Club, hobnobbed with the rich and famous. Simpson attended a celebrity event with Paula Barbieri, a model and actress he had been dating for nearly two years. Simpson did after the dance recital until he climbed into a limousine at P. for a ride to Los Angeles International Airport, although Mr. Simpson liked him well enough to let him drive the white Ferrari Mr.Do you think that it was Nicole’s own words that helped to fuel Simpson’s blind rage?Is there any truth to this or is it just a story conveniently timed to coincide with the anniversary of the double murder? "He was mad." The charm and warmth that always radiated from Mr. "He didn't even say hello to her," said a member of the audience who was close to Mrs. "He just looked right through her." It was the last time they were seen together in public. Simpson and a party of relatives dined at Mezzaluna, a chic Italian restaurant in Brentwood that was one of her favorites and where a 25-year-old named Ronald L. Yet the days before and after his former wife was killed peeled away layers of polish and grace. Simpson returned home, only to realize she had left her glasses at the restaurant. Goldman, although he had not waited on her table, agreed to drop them off, leaving work about . Her vanity license plate read, "L84AD8," which translated to "late for a date." On several occasions, friends said, Mr. Goldman driving the car and was not happy about it.

It is alleged that Simpson ripped out those pages and took them with him, rereading them and letting them fester until he was so overcome with rage that he brutally attacked his ex and the man who just so happened to be with her. Simpson had called the police on the 911 emergency line as recently as Oct. Simpson was slashed to death on the steps of the town house where she had hoped to forge a new identity. Simpson and a friend, Ronald Goldman, who is drawing most of the attention. Simpson flee the police last Friday, she added, "Even A. Several times in the last years of their marriage and after the divorce, she called the police. In 1989, after a New Year's Eve party, a frantic Nicole Simpson telephoned the police again. But Denise Brown, 37, says she doesn't want her sister, whom she was closer to than almost anyone, to be remembered only as a victim. And, he said in his filing, he had lost money on some bad investments. Simpson was not using her full abilities to make money on her own. Simpson's filing said, "taking nice vacations, spending time exercising and entertaining and being entertained." Mrs. ] And sometime after she left the restaurant on June 12, Mrs. Even now, it is her former husband, charged with the murder of Mrs. The Los Angeles police reported today that last October Mr. Simpson had visited her earlier in the evening and had become upset over a picture of a former boyfriend in her photo album. The couple released a statement saying their marriage had never been stronger. Simpson dismissed the incident in a 1989 television interview with ESPN, saying: "We had a fight. Simpson's death has touched off a national debate about spousal abuse as a hidden crime. "My definition of a battered woman is somebody who gets beat up all the time. Two fast-food chicken franchises closed in the aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles riot. Simpson kicked in the door, they moved to a 0,000 town house on Bundy Drive. Simpson and a bartender at a Beverly Hills restaurant, said Mr. this one thing that has been recently uncovered is actually pretty interesting.One day he entered her home and rummaged through her bedroom and found her diary.

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