Updating netopia dsl modem

While looking at how I can try and improve my configuration with my setup, I saw there was a new firmware release available for my Netopia 3347/57 ADSL Wireless-Router/4-port hub that was delivered with my Bluewin ADSL-Max.

Old version was 7.7xxxx new version 7.8xxxx With the new version, to setup the wireless you have to go through the Swisscom Customer centre (which obviously needs a internet connection).

Some newer modems have a USB host port on the back.

This USB host port does not provide internet access and is not supported at this time.

Hi all, If you are upgrading or changing your Eircom Broadband modem / Router you will need these settings…

2 This page under restrictions select none from the drop down menu and then you can reach it via IP dont forget you should make sure you have passwords on both the Admin and make on for the account Usr.

You will have to restart to Modem for this change to work.

There are several brands like Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, Zyxel, etc., that support PPPo E connections.#1. Wait 60 seconds and then close the browser window.#6. Your PC should stay set to "Obtain IP Address Automatically". If the modem continues to flash amber for more than 5 minutes there is no ADSL signal on the line.

In your Address or URL field of your browser, type #2. Click the Disable radio button in the DHCP/NAT/PPPo E area.#4. To verify the change, open a new browser window and in the Address or URL field of your browser, type Alright, before you can setup the UHP modem you need to set your computer up for DHCP. How to Get to the Logs To see the logs, click on the button labeled "View Log File" near the bottom of the Diagnostics page. You can also use Screen Captures instead if you prefer. If the modem is a constant solid amber color, the modem is either a)configured in bridge mode or b)configured in UHP mode and the pppoe session is manually disconnected from the setup page in the HTML interface.2.

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