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In Turkey and Brazil this gesture tells the other person that you are comparing him or her to a part of the human anatomy best not mentioned.In Europe, patting a child on the head may seem like a friendly gesture, yet demeaning if done to an adult.

But in Iran a thumbs-up is called bilakh and means an unquestioned insult. The OK sign — when the thumb meets the forefinger to form a circle — is a gesture that tells all is well when used in the US or Europe.One couple who made love on a Dubai beach faced six years imprisonment!In European countries and in the US a thumb up sign means in fact, that everything is OK (all correct).For over 2 years now, I have belong to many different pay dating sites. (I can only pay attention to about 7% of these anyway) Believe me... Scammers exists everywhere, whether it's dating sites, or online auto dealerships. But it's been my personal experience that Mingle2 has done a pretty damn good job of working to get rid of these kind of people...How many times have you gone to a girl profile and seen the words "Profile has been deactivated."Believe me, lots of times it was Mingle2 that deactivated that profile.

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Alcohol is generally forbidden in Muslim countries and if Muslims drink they won’t do so in public so don’t embarrass them with a gift of a bottle of any sort of alcohol.

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