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First, let’s be clear about how we define “success in love.” We are not talking about men who seem unusually gifted at attracting women, or getting them into bed.We are not interested in time-tested techniques for playing the dating game. He doesn’t sacrifice long-term happiness for momentary entertainment.Making sense of dating algorithms is a virgin science and is still more miss than hit, says Mark Brooks, a dating-industry analyst and the editor of Online Personals Watch.When people do find somebody they like, sites don’t often know why or how they’ve been successful, he says.

He understands that romantic generosity does not diminish him in any way—quite the opposite! In work, at play, in conflict, in his wants and needs, the successful lover knows how to keep sight of what’s important. He’s serious about his career, but not to the point of neglecting the people in his life.

Use these five tips with military precision for ultimate success.

THE HOOK Whether it’s fair or not, your online profile pic is your first hand in the card game of dating life.

You’ll be guaranteed to have a picture that makes you feel confident and proud.

Several years ago, Edward approached me on the subway and asked for my number.

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