Rules for dating a leo

This means Big Love, the kind that rocks foundations and shatters stars.She will place her love in the center of her universe, but she will also demand that this is reciprocated, and she will not settle for anything less.Leos feed off of your praise and approval, and their inner cub definitely comes out when they feel vulnerable.

Leo woman is strong, extremely independent and out going woman.I am a strong-willed, sassy Taurus, and I pretty much exclusively date Leos.This isn't something I've chosen In fact, it can be a major pain in the ass, but I just can't stay away.He has the patience needed to help him deal with controversy but generally likes to avoid such situations.He likes to see his lady in the role of woman only.

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On the other hand, Capricorn possesses a steadier and practical view towards relationships which is full of realistic behavior.

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