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She made an impressive return to acting with several small screen roles.

I took Rainey to a concert once—Rainey: It was my very first concert and we saw Hanson! Rainey: It's hard to pick one, but she really taught me to be loving and gentle. She was in New Orleans working on her music and discovered a man who was a cat hoarder.

What's the best piece of parenting advice you could give? Everything can't be perfect—you have to let some things go, and it's better to actually sit down on the floor with your child than spend time worrying about having a perfect house. I had a hard time leaving my kids but at one point, Rainey said to me, "Mom, I am so proud of you." That was really great for me because I had such guilt. I did get to go to a lot of dance competitions, but I wasn't a dance mom like you see on television. Rainey: She always encouraged my siblings and me to find our passions.

WD: When you were home after filming, what were some of the things you did as a family to spend time together? I love music and singing and having the chance to do that as my career is such a blessing.

Mac Dowell supported herself at Winthrop College by working several minimum wage jobs, then dropped out as a sophomore to become an Elite model. ' Oreal and Calvin Klein, Mac Dowell got her acting break with a part in (1994).

As the 1990s progressed, Mac Dowell decided to spend more time focused on being with her children.

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Andie Mac Dowell was born as Rosalie Anderson Mac Dowell in Gaffney, South Carolina.

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