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I love this feature, when it comes to set last modified flags of tables.Now, I encountered a problem with a tagging table by using the flag.Thankfully, a couple of My SQL’s internal features came to the rescue.Adding a modified timestamp to a table is the most straight forward.

Update Multiple Timestamps With Triggers - Useful My SQL Tricks Series One feature about My SQL that provides some frustration to developers is the fact that only one timestamp field can have a default value of CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

The My SQL TIMESTAMP values are converted from the current time zone to UTC while storing and converted back from UTC to the current time zone when retrieved.

The default, current time zone for each connection is the server's time.

All your have to do is create the field of type in order for the next part to work (this is because setting NOT NULL forces an automatic all zeros default).

Next, we must create a trigger, which will automatically be fired when we insert a value into our table and set the created timestamp.

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These tables were referenced by hundreds of different My SQL queries, and to complicate matters further, we were in the middle of migrating the code over to a new database library.

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