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A finger points to a head with arms on the right and left, and a pelvis at the bottom.December 11, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo On December 11, an official from the Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art museum announced that they had found human bones dating back over 9,000 years at Sakitari Cave, located in the Valley of Gangala, Maekawa in Tamagusuku, Nanjo.He said, “This indicates the possibility that people at that time used to use caves as graves.” In Okinawa, this is the first and oldest specimen of a connected skeleton found in its original position and not relocated.Bones from one adult individual were discovered, with mainly upper-body parts such as the skull and arms, as well as the femur and pelvis.People used to ring a warning bell whenever a soldier was nearby. We need another definition of security.” For me, security is very different from military security. Gwyn Kirk is a founding member of the International Women’s Network Against Militarism.

(Okinawa Prefecture Archeological Center) The almost complete skeleton, dating from the Old Stone Age, appears to have been intentionally placed in the cave, providing evidence for the first time of a funerary rite during that period, according to the Okinawa Prefecture Archeological Center.

Previously, the oldest human bones discovered in Japan, dating from around 22,000 years ago, were found in the southern part of Okinawa's main island.

The partial skeleton was discovered at Shirahosaonetabaru cave on Ishigaki Island, southwest of the Okinawa capital Naha, during research at the site lasting from 2010 to 2016.

They have compiled a timeline listing hundreds of cases of sexual assault by US troops in Okinawa, dating from 1945. Whatever gains they are able to make on this issue must also apply to women outside those bases, who must be part of this conversation.

For years, soldiers barged into Okinawan homes, looking for women. After the abduction and rape of the 12-year-old Okinawan girl, Governor Ota apologized to the Okinawan people, regretting that, despite the power of his office, he was not able to shield her from this attack. “We have the US-Japan Security Treaty but it doesn’t protect us.

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