Dating and relationship games

A guy acts differently and operates under a different set of rules when he considers a girl “relationship material” versus someone he just wants to hook up with and add to his roster of side-chicks.You’ll be so excited that you’ll break all the rules.It’s easy to play by the rules when you don’t really care.

I really only had one rule that I followed: If I see you blatantly hitting on another woman in front of me, you can bet your ass that it's over between us. He'll answer the first one if he actually wants to talk to you.”“Don't text him back right away, either.You'll come off as overly eager.”“Also, never promise him you'll try to meet him out.So, the idea of having to follow a set of rules in order to get the attention of a guy didn't feel like something I needed to waste my energy on.When it came to men, I found it was easiest to just be straightforward about whether or not I liked them.

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Intimate games are sometimes used as a precursor to a night of romance.

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