Dating after a vastectomy

After the procedure, you may be sore for a couple of days if you don’t overdo it and you should take a mild painkiller as outlined in the instructions.

The discomfort is much less than with the conventional technique because there is minimal injury to the tissues.

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Some 20 years after welcoming two daughters into the world — and 17 years after his vasectomy — Rick Perk found a second shot at love and yearned for a second chance at children.

So, then pushing age 50, Perk got unsnipped in 2010.

You must use other forms of contraception for three months as well until the doctor has examined two separate semen specimens and found them to be sperm free.

If both tests are negative, it is likely you will have permanent success as it is exceedingly rare for the tubes to ever grow back together if they have not done so by three months.

It should only be considered if you are sure that you never want children at any time in the future, even if your circumstances change.The first time my boyfriend and I had sex, of course we used a condom. Even though I had just met him, and have an amazing eight-year-old daughter, I had second baby cravings, and they were strong.After, as we lay there, sweaty and happy, he mentioned he had a vasectomy 10 years ago. They were so strong that I had started going to a fertility clinic a month before I met him to start the process of using a sperm donor. It’s truly impossible to describe the expression on the face of a man you’ve known for only seven weeks after you’ve told him you’re thinking of getting knocked up via sperm donor, and that you’ve been going to a fertility clinic so they can chart your ovulation.Sperm travels through two tubes (vasa deferentia) during sex, and mixes with semen before ejaculation.Vasectomy is a minor operation to cut and tie or seal the tubes, so sperm are not released into the semen.

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She picked up a pregnancy test then called and broke the news,” Perk recalled.

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