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Jeffree Lynn Steininger was born on the 15th of November, 1985 in Orange County, California, United States of America.

His mother raised him after the sad demise of his father when he was only 6, and he lived with his twin brother.

He uploaded his songs in “My Space,” which is also a social media and from there, his popularity rose so fast that his friend list increased from thousands to millions in no time.

Along with his music, he also posted his photos, his stories and fashion tips which helped the fan base increase by large.

”Nowadays, Chris looks nothing like he did in 2007 — he has beefed up, gotten rid of the blond locks, and is rocking some scruff.

AFP Photo Lucy NICHOLSON (Photo credit should read LUCY NICHOLSON/AFP/Getty Images)Singers Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears attend the 27th Annual Clive Davis Pre-Grammy party together, Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, California, February 26, 2002.

We noticed Crocker and Carter exchange endearments on social media regularly; in a recent tweet, Carter declared Crocker his “man crush.” And Crocker did say he would “do Aaron.” Whatever that means …

Obviously, the intimacy could be staged, there’s could be more to the story.

His first impression on fashion was built with his observations of several cosmetic ads and models on his mother’s weekly fashion magazines.

Having tried makeups and cosmetics on himself, he was laughed and mocked for dressing like a girl.

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