Classical heroes, like Achilles, or Gods, like Mars and Apollo, have been proposed while warrior goddesses such as Bellona and Pallas Athene (the Roman Minerva) have also been suggested by virtue of the subjects youthful features and prominent pearl earring.

The latter claim is supported by the presence of an owl a symbol sacred to Athene - embossed in the armours brow plate.

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The Burnt House The Burnt House is a residential home from the Second Temple period, which was discovered in archeological digs below today's Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The house was destroyed in the great fire that led to the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70 AD, not to be discovered until almost 2000 years later, when archeologists dug it up in 1970.

With great power and poignancy, Rembrandt has depicted a young man literally weighed down with heavy armour and weapons and appearing to have profound thoughts of battles ahead.This page contains historical photos of Ontario's King's Highway 69 dating from 1960 to 1979.All photographs displayed on this page were taken by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, unless specifically noted otherwise.In the construction and rehabilitation period following the Six Day War in 1967, the Burnt House was discovered in a state of ruin and destruction.Led by the Hebrew University and Israel Antiquities Authority, the house was uncovered and rubble was removed.

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