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The opening shot of Aparna Malladi directed web series ‘Posh Poris’ did create much furore – some even calling the cast and crew names and declaring that the series is against our ‘culture’; but the fun-filled screenplay struck a chord and it was views galore for the path-breaking Telugu web series from the word ‘Go’.Produced by Telugu One’s Himabindu Kantamaneni, the latest entrant into the online entertainment space, ‘Posh Poris’ has broken quite a few stereotypes as far as Telugu filmmaking goes and definitely the image of a traditional Telugu girl, mostly portrayed through our films and other entertainment media.We got on board Gautami Challagulla who has worked on the subject in university and it couldn’t have got better.” The director knew what she wanted, she had a producer who understood and gave them enough freedom, and the casting director had clear instructions – to find glamourous Telugu girls, who could do their own dubbing – and she found Maya (Harika Vedula), Hyndavi (Sahaja Chowdary) and Sesh (Aditi Myakal).The actors were given specific characters and space to explore. They love teasing you behind the camera and know no shame.They have put on their tiniest slip for you and some gentlemen even don’t wear that. They invite you to come to their world of sex, pleasure and play.When you have a webcam with HD images, you can enjoy one of our men to the best possible extent.With a very fine image it will make your experience even more intense and very real.

320 | 819 Kbps Audio: English | 130Kbps | MP3 Subtitles: En / Fr / Es Runtime: 1hr 41mins IMDB Rating: 6.5/10 com/title/tt0486259/ RT Critics: 6.6/10 (113 reviews) Directed By: Nanette Burstein Starring: Hannah Bailey, Jake Tusing and Megan Krizmanich Fight Club (2010) DVDRip Xvi D-Vo Mi T DVDRip Xvi D-Vo Mi T | AVI | English | 1h 32min | 624x352 | Xvi D - 913kbps | MP3 - 128kbps | 700 MB Genre: Action | Crime | Drama An undercover female cop enters Belmont High as a transfer student after several girls in the area go missing.

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Aparna Malladi, the director, shares, “Through the series we reveal those unknown aspects that only belong to women’s space; and this we did without betraying sisterhood.

And in doing so, we captured the imagination of online viewers.

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